Using Testimonials (a little differently)

Today I want to share a project I work on that is not in the wedding industry.

The company hired me to help them with sales and to create ongoing marketing campaigns to support the sales team. One was a marketing campaign that was a twist on the traditional testimonial. You might try it yourself.

The campaign was called “Why I Chose…” and involved asking people why they made their choice to select a particular business, in this case a skin care training school in NYC.

It was really quite simple to execute.

  1. A form was given to each participant
  2. They filled in the form longhand
  3. Someone took their picture with a smartphone
  4. Both the picture and a picture of the form were sent to me
  5. It took about 15 minutes to create the blog post and import the image
  6. Testing, re-proof, optimized for search (title tags, description tag, page content)
  7. Total time spent: 30 minutes

Take a look and see what I did.

I hope it inspires you to do your own testimonial marketing at your website and then across your social media streams.

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