Email Marketing Basics

EMAIL marketing is “push” marketing. Unlike your website, blog, or Facebook page, email marketing allows you to PUSH your message to your subscribers when you want to. The power of push marketing with email is virtually unmatched by any other online marketing technique. [LINK]

Forget About WWW

You should no longer need to use www in front of your domain name. This is helpful particularly in print where you may have limited space. For example: newspaper advertising, magazine advertising, or on business cards. [LINK] (37)

Know Your Google Bounce Rate

If you use Google Analytics (and you should be) it calculates what Google calls a “Bounce Rate.” Bounce Rate it is an important number to know and will tell you if people are coming to your website and immediately leaving, or staying and looking around. [LINK]

Chunking Content

Chunking your website content, email newsletter content, and social posts, makes it easier for people to read and comprehend. It makes it easier to read on mobile devices and leads to better conversion. [LINK]

Recommended Website Hosting Provider

I previously hosted at Hostgator using their shared business plan. I’ve also use Go Daddy for hosting. I experienced a lot of issues with Go Daddy and I’d stay as far away from them as possible for hosting. Their domain registration services are fine, it’s the hosting that’s a problem based on my experience. Stay away from Network Solutions also. [LINK]