Let’s make a deal. Give me $100 and I will give you $222 back. Would you do it?

Sure you would (I hope).

THIS is the potential power of email marketing.

Email marketing is more likely to create a better ROI than any other form of Internet marketing, and that includes social media.

An eMarketer study found that the median email marketing ROI is 122%. In other words, four times higher than other digital marketing channels.

It really isn’t rocket-science. When you use email marketing you are PUSHING content to people versus waiting for them to find it on their own. This is a huge difference.

By 2020 the number of email users is estimated to grow to over 250 million and more than 50% of users prefer to get updates from the brands they follow through email.

Of course if you push out JUNK, which I see far to often, you won’t get good results from your email marketing.

10 Email Marketing Best Practices

(1) Before you schedule your email broadcast and click the SEND button be sure to TEST, TEST, TEST.

(2) Make sure your content is mobile-friendly. 80% or more of your subscribers are likely to open your email on a mobile device.

(3) Avoid overuse of teaser-type email subject lines. Ex: You won’t believe what we just found out…

(4) Make sure all of your links work properly. Make sure all of the images in your email link back to your website (not the image itself). People are likely to click on images, particularly if using a smartphone.

(5) Avoid or minimize the use of these words which will likely trigger spam filters: free, limited offer, act today, apply now, free gift. Here are 100 more.

(6) Avoid or minimize the use of CAPS.

(7) Do not use RE: in subject lines if it is not a reply.

(8) Avoid spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes create a poor impression with your readers and will adversely impact conversion and may lead to unsubscribes.

(9) Are you using multiple calls-to-action, WITH LINKS, in the content of your newsletter?

(10) Are your email messages being delivered as you expect them to be? Test to see if your server IP address or domain is blacklisted at MxToolbox.


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