Workflowy ( is a list management/personal productivity app that will help you manage tasks and projects more easily and more effectively (for example your internet marketing!).

Think of Workflowy as an always-available digital notebook that you have easy access to across multiple devices, including your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Workflowy replaces your notebooks, stickies and bloated “productivity” apps with a simple, easy-to-use “digital notebook” unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Sure, in a lot of ways, Workflowy is just a big “to-do” list manager, but it can be much, much more. Pretty much anything you want it to be!

I use it for grocery shopping lists, but I also use it to manage multilayered, complex SEO projects that I’m working on. I use it to track my morning routine and get great satisfaction out of crossing things off my DO list (I changed the name of my “To Do” list to DO list).

Unlike many other to-do list and project management type apps I’ve used Workflowy is simple and doesn’t force you to use it in any specific way. I love this because it has allowed me to get more things done, faster and more effectively while using my personal preferences, requirements, and workflow logic. Workflowy adapts to me versus me having to adapt to it.

Check it out at

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