More than 30% of the websites you see online use WordPress as the back-end. This makes it a huge target for hackers. Hackers don’t necessarily look for popular websites to attack, they look for easy targets.

Here are some WordPress Security Basics that will help you proactively thwart troublemakers!

Move Your Default Login Page

Add more security to your WordPress website by moving the default login page! It makes it more difficult for hackers to get into your WordPress website when you move the front door! WPS Hide Login, published by WPServeur, is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to change the address of the default WordPress login location.

My Favorite WordPress Security Plugin- Wordfence

Wordfence is a WordPress plugin that will help you proactively protect your WordPress website. While I believe the premium version is worth the investment, the free version offers plenty of tools to protect your WordPress website.

Maintain Your Own Backups (Disaster Recovery)

Even if your hosting company tells you they backup your website I highly recommend that you create your own disaster recovery program that includes running scheduled FULL backups. It is a Best Practice to download a copy of your backups from your hosting server to a local computer or cloud drive. Think of it as a backup to your backup!