Many business owners and managers buy multiple domains for their company. There are some very legitimate reasons to do this and I wrote about the reasons to buy extra domains for your business here.

Today’s Practical Online Marketing Tip is:

Check your extra domains and make sure they are pointing where you want them to redirect.

This is particularly relevant if you use Go Daddy as a domain registrar. Go Daddy, by default, will re-point an extra domain in your account, that is “parked,” to a splash page with advertisements on it.

The better option for extra domains you own but are not using is to set “forwarding” on so that those domains point or re-direct to your main website. This should be a setting in your domain registration control panel or dashboard.

Keep in mind, this has absolutely NO  SEO VALUE whatsoever.

REPEAT: This has absolutely NO  SEO VALUE whatsoever.

Buying extra domains and simply “re-pointing” them will not help your search rankings.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about, and again, this was a domain purchased with the domain registrar Go Daddy.