There’s a bogus email spoofing thing going around that you should be aware of.

Maybe you’ve already received it.

Here’s what it looks like (below).

Spoofing isn’t usually that tricky to spot, although these spoofing troublemakers are getting better and better at making their email messages look legit.

Watch for these telltale signs of a bogus/fake “spoofing” email message.

  • The from email address is from
  • Improper spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation
  • Sentences that seem odd and aren’t quite properly written (“If you have any question or query about your order…”)
  • About something that you don’t recognize as having purchased in the past
  • Asking you to log in to an account/website “immediately”

You’ll NEVER (NEVER) want to click on the links in any of these messages.