One of the most powerful pages at your website is a Frequently Asked Questions page, otherwise known as a FAQ page. By now you know that I believe the power behind Internet Marketing Best Practices is all about doing the things that lead to CONVERSION. FAQ pages are high-conversion pages when properly created. I like FAQ pages for many reasons.

First, FAQ pages answer questions people are likely to have about your business – immediately. Generally speaking, people like immediate results. Immediate answers also have a positive psychological impact as they create initial confidence in someone’s mind relative to moving forward with a buying decision.

Secondly, Frequently Asked Question pages act as preliminary qualifiers in the sales process. If you are an event center or venue with capacity for only 150 people, and someone is planning an event with 300 people, that’s valuable and important information someone should know pretty quickly. FAQ pages can be used to reduce unqualified prospects that might otherwise be just a waste of time.

FAQ pages not only make it easier for your website visitors to learn more about your business, but they also reduce the friction in your sales process and as a result, lead to more inquiries and more sales.


If you don’t have a FAQ page at your website add one soon. Start by using the 10 most frequently asked questions people ask about your business. Be brief but complete.

Uses your FAQ questions individually as posts at your social media channels, with links back to the FAQ page at your website.

If you have more than 20 FAQs put a call-to-action between every four, and after the last FAQ.

If you built your website using WordPress, consider one of my favorites, the Arconix FAQ plugin.

Power Tips

FAQ pages tend to be one of the most highly trafficked pages on a website. Integrate social proof, in the form of testimonials, on your FAQ page.

Put an inquiry form at the bottom of your FAQ page. Not just a link, an actual inquiry form.

Consider putting a link to your FAQ page in your email signature.


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