There are six key components to great website design.

  1. Fast Loading Pages
  2. Aesthetically Appealing
  3. User-Friendly
  4. Content / Marketing Copy
  5. Call-To-Action
  6. Mobile-Friendly

Fast Loading

The #1 reason people leave websites is because of slow loading pages. Slow loading pages are often a result of poor website design or cheap website hosting. Google also now considers page load times as part of its ranking algorithm when showing sites on a search engine results page.

Aesthetically Appealing

I call it the “Oh Yes” moment and it’s the exact moment when a person who first visits your website says to themselves: “Oh yes, this is the site I have been looking for and I need to know more about this company…” 99.9% of the time do-it-yourself (DIY) website design does NOT WORK. It will hurt your ability to successfully build your  business while giving your competition with a professionally designed website an almost insurmountable competitive advantage.


There is nothing more frustrating for someone than visiting a website where it is difficult to find the information they is looking for. If the overall visitor experience is confusing, overwhelming, or difficult to figure out, they’ll just click her back-button and look for something better.

Content / Marketing Copy

The information at your website (content), including your marketing copy, must be informative while simultaneously being engaging. It should clearly communicate UVP (unique value proposition), WIIFM (what’s in it for me if I choose your company), social proof (what you’ve done for others using testimonials and reviews), and of course a highly visible call-to-action. It should CLEARLY communicate you are an expert at what you do and your products (and services) are a solution to a problem.


Make it easier for people to find and use your inquiry form and you’ll get more inquiries from your website. Yes, it’s that simple. Use multiple calls-to-action throughout your website to help people get to your inquiry form and make an inquiry. Your phone number is also a call-to-action. Make sure it is highly visible throughout your website.

Mobile Friendly

Unless you live in a cave, you should know by now that it is very important to have a mobile-friendly website. Up to 20% of your traffic may be coming from a mobile device or tablet right now – maybe more! People are using the Internet 24/7. In the very near future it is more likely people will visit your website from a mobile device than a laptop or desktop computer.