Q: Chris, do you think using an email address @AOL.COM is bad for business? Do you think it is hurting our business any?

A: What a coincidence you ask! Just yesterday I was having lunch with someone and they said “I’d never do business with someone who uses an AOL.COM address for their business email.”


While I think that’s a bit harsh, I did agree it’s a pretty good indicator that someone isn’t the most savvy when it comes to Internet marketing (and maybe marketing in general).

Using an @AOL.COM email address makes you look a little “behind-the-times,” stuck in the 70’s (as they say), and some might think maybe you don’t “get it.”

As hard as it is to attract new customers online, and then keep them, it might not be the best impression to make with today’s tech-connected consumer.

Additionally, it really negates a lot of the value you would get using your email address to promote what should be the cornerstone of your online identity – your website/domain address.

What makes a better impression and helps me build my business brand?

(a) chris@practicalonlinemarketing.com

(b) chrisjaeger@aol.com

I think in today’s world it’s probably not a best-practice to use anything other than your domain address as your business email address.

I wouldn’t use a GMAIL, HOTMAIL, or YAHOO email address either. Not for business correspondence.

So to answer your question, I don’t think it’s the best choice for your business.

I would recommend ditching your AOL.COM email address for business correspondence and using your company’s website/domain address. It should be fairly easy to set-up with your website hosting company.