People often ask me if social media postings will help their website rankings at Google.

The answer is I doubt it.

Actually, I’ll bet you lunch that it WILL NOT.

But social media is a powerful and effective tool when it comes to DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

That is if you make it easy for people who see your social posts to get there.

Don’t expect people to try and figure out how to get to your website using your social profile. When was the last time you saw a social post and went looking for a website link in the profile?

Put links directly in your social posts.

Sometimes, I even put them in the comments a few days after the original post.

I highly recommend that EVERY post you make at Facebook has a link to one of these three things:

  • Your homepage
  • Your inquiry form
  • Another page at your website that is important to promote
  • A special or limited offer

And don’t forget your phone number.

Instagram makes it a bit tricky to use links in your posts. At Instagram, you have to use your profile link which is “clickable.” Links in your Instagram posts are not clickable, but I still suggest using them.

Links in the social posts I create for the Gloucester Charter Connection have driven thousands (yes, thousands!) of visitors to their website and resulted in hundreds of inquiries and sales.

Just look at the screen capture below from last week.

Summary: Consistently post to your social media channels and always (yes, always) use links in your posts as a traffic-building strategy that should generate more inquiries and ultimately sales.

If your social posts are not generating traffic to your website something is not right.

Power Tip: Try to use a link in the first two lines of your post when you post to Facebook. This makes it more likely someone seeing your Facebook page can actually click to your website from a mobile device. If you don’t do this people will likely see the “See More” link and may not fully engage with your post.

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