Reviews and testimonials are “social proof” and they increase conversion and will help you close more business more easily.

Why is social proof so powerful?

Because no one likes to make the wrong decision.

When potential new customers see that you have a lot of happy customers, they will naturally associate themselves to having a positive experience with your company as well.

Everyone has the fear of making the wrong decision.

Here are 10 ways to use reviews and testimonials more effectively:

1. On the home page of your website (and throughout your website)

2. Just before the call-to-action at the bottom of your website pages

3. To create blog posts

4. As individual social media posts

5. In your Facebook page cover image

6. In your email newsletter

7. On the back of your business cards

8. In your sales presentations

9. In your email signature

10. On your post-inquiry-landing page