If you’ve followed me at Practical Online Marketing for any amount of time you probably know that I think one of the biggest benefits of a Facebook business page, or social media in general, is using it to drive traffic to a website.

Yet over and over I see Facebook posts that don’t have ANY links back to a website.

Trust me, people are unlikely going to your Facebook business page profile details where you have a link to your website. If you have your profile information properly configured!

I actually suggest TWO links in most Facebook business page posts. One in the first two lines of the post and one again at the end of the post.

A link at the very beginning addresses the “See more” Facebook post issue on mobile devices and puts a clickable link right in front of someone – immediately. If you put a link in front of someone immediately it is more likely they will click on it. A link at the end of a post is effectively a call-to-action.

Use two links and it is more likely your Facebook business page will drive more traffic to your website. It’s a small thing that has the potential to deliver big results!


1 – Good. Links at top and bottom of post.

2 – Not Good. No links at all.

3 – Example of Facebook “See more.” No links at top of post.

4 – No links. I would have used the hashtag #womeninconstruction and geo-targeted hashtags

5 – No link.

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