Facebook Insights is a free analytics tool linked to your Facebook business page.

It will give you valuable insight into how your Facebook page is performing and allow you to make adjustments in your Facebook marketing strategy.

It’s easy to find.

(1) Visit your Facebook business page

(2) Look for the Insights option/link in the top main menu.

10 Key Facebook Insight Metrics

Overview: How the page is doing in general (i.e. dashboard)
Likes: Where the page Likes are coming from
Reach: What’s the reach and what factors affect it
Page Views: Who viewed which section of the page
Actions on Page: What people did when they visited the page
Posts: How well the posts you are creating are performing
Events: How successful the event pages are
Videos: How well the videos you post are performing
People: Who liked, saw, or engaged with the page
Messages: Response times and Messenger analytics