Q: Chris, When I log into my WordPress site there is a message across the top of my Dashboard that says a new version of WordPress is available. It says “Please ¬†update now” but I’m not sure if I should upgrade. Everything is working fine, should I upgrade?

A: Yes, you should.

Keeping your WordPress up-to-date is very important for a lot of reasons. WordPress typically publishes an update (i.e. upgrade) when there is a security fix. So keeping your WordPress installation at the most recent version will minimize any hackers getting into your website, and trust me, they are out there and trying all the time!

Upgrading will also “patch” any existing or “known issues” and many upgrades are designed to enhance the performance of WordPress.

So YES… follow the instructions and “update now.”

Be sure you have a complete and full back-up of your WordPress installation; program, customizations, pages, posts, etc., before you update.