Facebook is a powerful force on the Internet. It is a very effective way to INCREASE YOUR ONLINE VISIBILITY and DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC to your website.

Unfortunately, just because you have 1,000 “likes” at your business page it does not mean that when you post something all 1,000 people see it. This is a common misconception.

Make no mistake, Facebook is a publicly traded company and is profit driven. The days of “free” at Facebook are in the rear view mirror (just like at Google!).

That said, Facebook allows you to “BOOST” your posts, in other words, advertise your post. With a boosted post you can reach more of your followers as well as thousands of TARGETED Facebook users for as little as $20 or $30.

And boosted posts work, if you carefully plan out your Facebook advertising strategy.

Boosted posts CANNOT be edited (text or graphics) once they start running.

Be sure to carefully create your post, proof it carefully, and test any links you use in the post you are going to boost.

Once your boosted post is live, you WILL NOT be able to edit it.

If you have a typo or want to make a correction, or add more text/copy, you’ll have to STOP the advertising and recreate it.

You’ll find more information about boosted posts at Facebook at this link:


Facebook Advertiser Help Center: https://www.facebook.com/business/help