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The Thought Box is where I share snippets of helpful Internet marketing advice and links to great online resources every business owner or manager will find helpful. When I stumble upon something important, or that I think you’ll find useful, or something I think you should know, you’ll find it here first.

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[Wordpress] – WordPress updates its core software quite frequently and it’s important to keep your WordPress software up-to-date. For many, it is a simple “Click here to perform the update” option on the WordPress Dashboard. When you upgrade WordPress not only will you be taking advantage of new enhancements and features, but WordPress coders are always working to create a faster application platform and that means better post/page load times and overall better performance.

[Wordpress] – Sometimes, but not always, the plugins you have installed for WordPress may not work properly after an upgrade. Poorly written plugins, or plugins that are no longer supported by their creators, are usually the type of plugins you have trouble with. Poorly written or unstable plugins can destroy your WordPress blog.

[Wordpress] – Always use caution when adding new WordPress Plugins to your WordPress blog. Do some due-diligence and check the reviews others have provided. Generally speaking, I don’t TOUCH a plugin unless it has at least ten (10) reviews and the rating is 4 stars or greater.

More about using WordPress  and WordPress Optimization (Subscription Required)

[Google+] – You’ve probably heard about Google’s new social media platform, Google+. Is it a Facebook killer? I don’t think so, not just yet. After a first look at the features and functionality of Google+, I can see Google+ becoming more popular in the long term. Keep in mind, Google has a lot of other tools people are already using (GMAIL, Google Docs, Picasa, and lets not forget Google Search, to name just a few). Now if you’re saying “No way…” all you have to do is think back a few years and think: MySpace. Google+ isn’t open to the general public yet. If you need an invitation I’d be glad to send you one, follow this link if you need a Google+ invitation. For more information about Google+ check out what they’re doing at Mashable.

[Twitter] – Having problems with Twitter? Before wasting an hour or two trying to get something to work, because there are almost daily problems with the functionality and stability of Twitter, check the status of their system.

‎[Internet Marketing Toolbox] – Need a more effective way to manage the forms at your website? Try Jot Form, you’ll love it.

‎[Search Engine Optimization] – If you optimize your website/blog for keyword phrases that NO ONE SEARCHES FOR you’re just wasting time and money. How many  search for: NC wedding ministers? None or very few. How many search for: wedding ministers in North Carolina? Plenty! Optimize for what people are actually searching for and you’ll get more high-quality traffic.

[Search Engine Optimization] – For help identifying the keywords and keywords phrases you should be targeting try using Google’s free keyword tool.

[Business Toolbox] [Logo Design] [Graphic Design] – crowdSPRING is the world’s #1 marketplace for logos and graphic design. Just name your price, watch as dozens of talented creatives participate in your project and choose from an average of 110+ custom designs. With their money back guarantee and world class customer service, crowdSPRING offers a proven, fast and risk-free way to buy custom design and writing services.  More about crowdSpring