(#1) Google – 70%

Google hands-down is the winner here and attracts 65-75% of all searches performed in the United States.

From mobile devices Google gets over 90% of all searches.

Why is Google used by more people than any other search engine?

Largely because it produces the best results for a search performed, the most RELEVANT results for a search.

Hmmm, where have we talked about RELEVANCY before?

Give people what they are asking for and they’ll come back the next time!

Google also owns YouTube which some consider a search engine.

(#2) Bing – 14%

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and other than beating out Yahoo! it hasn’t really gained any big traction in the search world since it launched. But the search engine game is far from over.

(#3) Yahoo! – 8%

Years ago it looked like Yahoo! might be a contender in the search engine space, but not so much today (2018). Yahoo! was acquired by Verizon, so let’s see what happens now.


There are dozens if not hundreds of search engines. Worthy of mention on this list include: Ask (.com), AOL (.com), Duck Duck Go (.com), WebCrawler (.com), and DogPile (.com).

Duck Duck Go is an interesting search engine with a unique value proposition, especially for the privacy conscious crowd. Duck Duck Go promises to not track your browsing history, it blocks advertising trackers, and you have more control over your personal data.


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