Have you ever wanted to quickly put a colored border around an image in your blog post?

If you’re not a style sheet expert or have programming skills, what seems like it should be something simple to do gets pretty complicated with WordPress.

But… there is a plug-in that helps.

The Advanced Image Styles WordPress plugin is the perfect solution.

This plugin allows you to very easily add borders and spacing, or margins, around the images in a WordPress page or post.

Here’s an example of a 2 pixel black border 10 pixel margins (that you really can’t see in this example, but would if I was wrapping text around the image.



Here is the same image without a border and no margins set.


The settings for your image with this plugin are in the Edit Image “Advanced” area of your image, on the page or post where you have placed the image.

1. Load the image into your post or page.

2. Select the Edit option.

3. Select the Advanced options.

4. Edit settings options.


No border settings…


With HUGE border settings…