[Social Media] Social Media Is Not Free

Social media marketing, like all things related to your Internet marketing, takes time and effort. It also takes a fair amount of precision “know how.” Throwing just any words on your Facebook wall, or posting from time to time compared to a consistent effort, is not going to do anything for your business.

[Social Media] – Social Media is Not (Directly) About Sales

Thinking that social media is one of the primary sales tools for your business is a huge mistake (and won’t work that way!). Put all the hype aside and the experts will tell you that social media marketing is all about engagement and content. Social media marketing works when you WORK it.

[Social Media] Social Media Is Not a “Magic Bullet”

Social media marketing, using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, FourSquare, Stumbleupon (and there is a very long list) isn’t a quick fix for anything. Social media marketing, except in very, VERY rare cases, does not deliver significant results quickly. It’s not a magic bullet, but social media can deliver a powerful ROI and compliment your other marketing efforts when done correctly and effectively long-term.