And so it begins… summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts!

The Bluefin Tuna migrate up the east coast and when they arrive offshore Gloucester they are treated to a MAJOR buffet of herring and mackerel. And they stay right through December and fatten up pretty well.

This is a small bluefin (picture below), I think it weighed in around 290 lbs. before dressed (head chopped off, guts removed, ready for the flight to Japan!).

That’s my friend (and client) Capt. Johnny Johnson from the Gloucester Charter Connection. He’s one of the most respected bluefin tuna fishing captains IN THE WORLD. If you’re looking for the best bluefin tuna charters he’ll hook you up! He knows how to catch these monsters and he knows where they are (but he’ll never tell you).

Below the tuna pic is me with my 33″ Striped Bass from last weekend fishing with my brother Greg. He’s a licensed 100-Ton Captain and handles offshore logistics and fleet operations for Semper Offshore.

When that fish hit my line he took off. The line was peeling off the fishing spool. What an adrenalin rush!

I wish I had a video! We intentionally use light rods for the fight! if you don’t have patience, the fish wins every time!

The last picture is of a live makerel. We catch them first, put them in a “live well” to keep them alive, hook them to the line, and the stripers can’t resist them.

Hope you have a great summer. Mine is off to an awesome start.


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