Here is a list of words and phrases that can trigger a deliverability block or spam filtering of your email newsletters. They don’t AUTOMATICALLY create a problem, but can lead to problems, so you’ll want to be careful here. It’s an email marketing best practice to avoid overuse of these words in your email newsletters.

I also recommend you limit the use of CAPS and bold text, especially red bold text, in your email newsletters.

  • Act now
  • Don’t wait
  • Don’t miss this opportunity
  • Free
  • Limited offer
  • Visit our website
  • Opportunity
  • Huge savings
  • 50% off
  • Click here
  • Call now
  • Subscribe
  • Bonus
  • Discount
  • Winner
  • Prizes
  • Information you requested
  • Important information regarding
  • Guarantee
  • Guaranteed
  • Special Promotion
  • Special Offer
  • Great Offer
  • Great Deal
  • All New
  • One Time
  • Order Now
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