Would you like to easily close MORE sales? Sure you do, who wouldn’t.

Testimonials and reviews, also known as “social proof,” are two of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing toolbox. Use them more effectively and they will help you close more sales more easily.

You can get social proof from your customers, reviews at Wedding Wire, reviews at Yelp!, or reviews at Google.

Use social proof everywhere, including;

** Sales letters
** Direct mail
** Brochures
** At your website
** In your blog posts
** In your email newsletters
** Post them to your Facebook business page
** Tweet them in your Twitter feed
** Create YouTube slideshows with them

Getting testimonials isn’t always easy, but I guarantee that if you REALLY FOCUS on getting more of them, and then using them effectively throughout all of your marketing assets, you’ll CLOSE MORE SALES and those sales will be EASIER to close!

Tomorrow: Does Google think your website is mobile-friendly and why does it matter?