Pinterest has taken the Internet by storm with millions of people “pinning” everything from pictures of their pets to their favorite recipes. What I find interesting and equally important is that Pinterest “boards” are now showing up in the Google search engine results pages.

So the question is: “Should you be using Pinterest for your business?”

While certainly it is not for everyone, I think the answer is YES and I’m recommending that business owners and managers integrate Pinterest into their overall Internet Marketing Strategy.

Interesting factoids about Pinterest (

  • 68.2% of Pinterest users are female
  • There has been a 2,702% increase in total unique visitors at Pinterest since May 2011
  • 50% of Pinterest users have children
  • 28.3% of users have a household income over $100,000
  • Pinterest has 1.36 million daily visitors
  • Pinterest boards (and pins) are showing up in the Google organic listings on a search engine results page (SERP)

Follow this link to visit my Pinterest page and see the interesting Internet Infographics I’ve pinned to my board.