PLEASE NOTE: This ONLY applies to my NON-monthly retainer program customers.

If you are already on a monthly program with me your search engine optimization (SEO) maintenance is included.


Getting a website TOP RANKED at Google is like owning a goose that lays golden eggs.

Top-ranked websites at Google get more HIGH-QUALITY INQUIRIES and those inquiries are MORE LIKELY to turn into sales.

It makes perfect sense.

  • Someone is looking for a solution to their problem
  • Everyone uses Google – a trusted source
  • They type in their keyword/phrase search
  • They see your website as one the top 10 results
  • They click through and visit your website

Why Google SEO Maintenance?

It’s a good idea. Particularly if you’ve already made an investment with me to GET top ranked at Google.

You wouldn’t buy a nice new car and then not properly maintain it, right? Not if you wanted it to run in an optimal way and last a long time.

It’s the same principle.

Make no mistake, there is a lot of competition for valuable keywords/phrases at Google. Without some type of SEO maintenance a competitor WILL VERY LIKELY push your website down the list on a search engine results page (SERP).

SEO Maintenance reduces the likelihood that you lose your existing rankings and supports keeping the ones you have for a long time. It even supports IMPROVING your existing website rankings at Google.

What If I Don’t Do Anything?

It’s an option.

It’s hard to say exactly when, but based on my experience I can safely say that your rankings at Google WILL DROP. Sometimes it takes awhile, I’ve seen it happen in 3 to 6 to 9 months, but ultimately someone bumps you down or out of the top 10 rankings.

And I’ll be honest, I’ve seen websites keep their top rankings at Google without maintenance. But in ALMOST ALL CASES their rankings at Google do start to fall at some point.

Usually you’ll see your rankings drop two or three positions, like from maybe 4 to 6, then a few more positions, and then a drop completely off of page one to page two. In my opinion, a website ranked on page two at Google (position 11 through 19) is virtually invisible.

:: It largely depends on when a competitor decides to get THEIR website better ranked at Google, in most cases by hiring a professional to do it, which “pushes” your website ranking(s) down. ::

Again, because being top ranked at Google is so valuable, and it spins off new high-quality inquiries that lead to sales, there is a lot of competition for high-value keywords/phrases.

Bottom Line: It’s not a good idea to do nothing.

What If I Wait Until My Rankings at Google Start Falling

This is not a good idea.

It’s harder and probably 30% more expensive (time/effort) to get a website RE-RANKED at Google than by using an ongoing SEO maintenance program.

Plus, it takes time. While we’re trying to get your rankings back are you losing business (inquiries, sales)? And… there is always a chance you can’t get your top rankings back quickly. It’s a bit risky, in my opinion.

What About Guarantees?

There are never any guarantees at Google and if anyone tells you there are, or guarantees your rankings there, they are misleading you.

That said, the websites that I’ve got top ranked and are on my SEO maintenance program are all keeping their existing rankings at Google, if not moving UP into higher rankings.

The Investment

$40/per keyword phrase per month, 10 minimum. Pre-paid monthly. Cancel anytime with 30 days advanced notice. Payable by credit card or debit card.


You currently have 10 top-ranked targeted keywords/phrases – my SEO maintenance is $400/month.

You currently have 12 top-ranked targeted keywords/phrases – my SEO maintenance is $480/month.

You currently have 20 top-rankedtargeted keywords/phrases – my SEO maintenance is $800/month.

You currently have 100 targeted keywords/phrases – my SEO maintenance is $4000/month.

Final Note

All SEO Maintenance programs include real-time ACCURATE tracking using the KEYWORD.COM tool.