When other websites link to YOUR website those links are known as inbound links.

Google looks at inbound links to your website from others very favorably.

You may be a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and they have your business listed at their website, along with a link to your website. That link would be an example of an inbound link.

You might write a “guest blog post” for a business colleague to post at their blog and end it with information about your business and a link to your website.

Inbound links are a significant part of the Google ranking algorithm and Google uses them to establish trust and authority. The logic being: Why would someone link to your content if it weren’t high quality?

Inbound links from other top ranked websites, well-ranked websites with authority and trust, are the best type of inbound links you can get. Avoid link-building schemes and websites that are mostly designed to try and manipulate the Google algorithm (and take money out of your wallet!). Trying to game Google is never a good thing and when they catch you, they will punish such attempts.

Inbound links are more difficult to get than you would think. They can occur naturally, for example when someone likes your content and links to it in a blog post. You can solicit them from friends, colleagues, and other business connections. Even simple “link exchanges” can have value. For example, a “Friends of _____” page or “Other Recommended Resources page. In many cases, if you link to another business, and tell them that you did, they are more likely to link back to you.


Put a focused effort on building 12 inbound links to your website in the next 12 months. That’s it – 12. I’ve seen this tactic work very well at improving the organic search engine ranking at Google when used with other search engine optimization best practices.


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