The Story

Semper Dive is a well-respected marine construction and offshore logistics operations company based in Boston, Massachusetts. They reached out to me after launching a new website (built using Wix) that was nearly impossible to find at Google. Even I was pretty shocked when I did my initial research (what did show up was a dive shop in California – not good!).

I’ve always been a bit suspicious getting Wix sites top ranked at Google so I first suggested we migrate the website to WordPress.

We identified over 150 keywords/phrases that they wanted their website to show up for when someone was searching at Google.

In less than 180 days we are now top 10 ranked for 36 important keywords/phrases.

I expect to be top-10 ranked for all 150 keywords/phrases before the end of the year.

“Local” search and Google Maps rankings have also dramatically improved.

Are you having trouble getting your website top-ranked at Google?

When people are searching for your targeted keywords/phrases they are going to find someone – let’s make sure it’s your company’s website and not a competitor.

Schedule a complimentary mini-SEO audit with me and let’s figure out what’s going on.