Over the years, I’ve used a bunch of different hosting companies and dedicated and shared hosting plans.

Last year I moved my websites to a new hosting company – SiteGround – and it was a good move.

I previously hosted at Hostgator using their shared business plan. I have also used Go Daddy for hosting. I experienced a lot of issues with Go Daddy, and I’d stay as far away from them as possible for hosting. Their domain registration services are fine (although renewals are more expensive than in the past), it is the hosting that is a problem based on my experience. Stay away from Network Solutions as well.

The move was prompted by (a) long waits on hold for technical support and (b) front-end slowness (i.e. poor visitor experience) at Hostgator.

Edits and updates to WordPress also seemed unusually slow many times.

Moving your hosting rarely makes your “fun list,” but slow loading websites are also the #1 reason people leave websites.

Also, if you can’t get support when you need it… what good is your website hosting?

After a few months with SiteGround, and multiple interactions with their support team, both on the phone and via their online chat, I can confidently recommend SiteGround for your website hosting, including WordPress website hosting.

If your website is a critical variable in your marketing and sales process, sign-up for the “Geek” level.

It offers a few extras that will help you optimize your site. In my opinion, the “Geek” level is definitely worth it and includes:

  • Free website migration support

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Free daily backup

  • Fewer shared hosting accounts on your hosting server (i.e. faster)

You’ll find more information about SiteGround and their website hosting options at http://siteground.com/




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