Post-Inquiry Landing Page Content

Yesterday I talked about landing pages, specifically a PAGE that someone is redirected to after making an inquiry at your website.

Well-designed landing pages improve conversion and increase sales.

Here are 10 things that I believe should be on EVERY post-inquiry form submitted landing page.

(1) A short “Thank You” message

(2) What to expect next (i.e. a call from you) << VERY IMPORTANT

(3) A recent testimonial

(4) A link to your online reviews at Wedding Wire if you have them

(5) Link to the FAQ page at your website

(6) Link to the photo gallery at your website

(7) Your picture (or an appropriate graphic)

(8) Some type of downloadable “take-away”

(9) A link to your social media touch-points (Facebook and Instagram)

(10) Your contact information