Should You Put Your Prices On Your Website?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions people in the wedding industry ask. Everyone has a different answer, most of which I would not totally disagree with.

Here’s my answer based on “hands on” experience working on websites, developing marketing strategies, developing traffic building strategies, and most importantly measuring results.
If you want more inquiries from your website DO NOT put your prices online.
If your website does a good job of creating the “Oh Yes” moment, that split second when a bride/groom visiting your website says “Oh yes, this is what I’m looking for, they’ll naturally want to know more, including pricing. If you do it right, they’ll make an inquiry and want to talk to you on the phone – yes, on the phone. People buy from people, not email follow-ups or text messages.

Sure, every situation is different, but this is my rule-of-thumb and has been for years, again, based on real evidence, not speculation.

Have a great day!