Ask Chris

Q: Chris, how can we get better results from our social media posts?

A: Post more consistently.

Regardless of the social media channels you use to promote your business you can count on better results if you POST CONSISTENTLY.

Using social media most effectively has many benefits.

It leads to more brand recognition, broader reach, more user engagement, competitive advantage, and it will drive more traffic to your website (think: more inquiries and sales!).

Social media marketing can be used to promote your expertise and authority. It is also a platform that can be used to create an “influencer” status.

I recommend a minimum of three posts per week per social channel. If you can post daily great! If you can post twice daily even better!

Depending on your time and creative resources you probably want to pick two social media channels and use them VERY WELL, instead of trying to use them all.

The social media channels you choose will depend on the audience you want to reach. Most of the businesses I’ve worked with benefit from using Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest round out my Top 5. If you are targeting a young audience, Snapchat would make the list.

Power Tip: As a guide, it may help to look at what several of your local competitors are doing with social media. Also look at other similar businesses OUTSIDE of your marketplace.

With the right tools social media marketing isn’t that difficult to do and do effectively, I promise! And if your head is about to explode thinking about social media marketing you probably want to outsource it.

With the right tools you can create a social media post, that includes a graphic, and easily distribute it to MULTIPLE social media feeds with a few clicks of a button.

One of my favorite social media marketing tools is SmarterQueue, which allows you to re-use your posts over time. Another is Hootsuite. Both have a bit of a learning curve but once you are past that it’s smooth sailing.

Posting consistently will not only keep your brand and messaging in front of people more regularly, but it also will trigger the distribution algorithms behind-the-scenes at each of your social media channels. When that happens it results in more post visibility, more post reach, and more post engagement over time (likes, comments, and shares). Posting consistently will also have a positive impact on growing your followers organically.

In other words, POSTING CONSISTENTLY to your social media channels is definitely an Internet Marketing Best Practice with many valuable benefits.

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