Calendly ( is an online scheduling tool that lets people self-schedule time on your digital calendar based on your open availability. It’s one of my favorite Internet marketing tools because it takes friction out of scheduling meetings and reduces back-and-forth emails.

Calendly provides you with lots of powerful tools/options that are fairly easy to configure and use, including:

  • Notifications to all parties involved
  • Automatic meeting reminders (text message and email options)
  • Pre-meeting questions
  • Buffers (time before and after meetings)
  • Daily limits (cap the number of auto-scheduled meetings)
  • Group meetings
  • Minimum advanced scheduling notice
  • Time zone detection
    … and other customizations

Calendly works with and synchs with Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud calendars. If you block out time in your calendar for another event that time does not show as available in Calendly. I love that it can easily be embedded into an existing website. I also put a link to my Calendly in my email signature.

At the time of writing Calendly offered a free “basic” account. You can go “Pro” with all the bells and whistles for only $12/month. They also offer a full-featured no credit card required 14-day trial.

Check it out at: