If it’s important for your business to show up in local search at Google you’ll want to understand the concept of NAP – name, address, phone number. NAP helps you get better rankings at Google and other search engines. NAP improves your company’s visibility in Google Maps.

Even if local search isn’t that important to you, NAP impacts your overall visibility at Google and the effectiveness of your search engine optimization strategy.

It’s important that what you use for a company name (N), address (A), and phone number (P) is consistent across the Internet – exactly consistent!

This includes NAP at your website. I recommend using it in the footer of all your pages, and in your social media profiles and directory listings (ex: local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, etc.).

Consistency not only includes your basic information, but the EXACT same spelling and formatting as well.

For example, consistently use 123 Main Street versus abbreviating the word street: 123 Main St.

Consistently use (000) 000-0000 versus 000.000.0000.

A consistently used NAP, everywhere on the Internet, helps Google and other search engines better understand who you are, where you are, and how people can find and reach your business.

NAP is an Internet Marketing Best Practice that will improve your online visibility at Google, create authority and trust (two VERY important SEO factors), and help your Google rankings.

Power Tip / Action Item

Use your company name, address, and phone number in the footer of all the pages at your website. Make sure it exactly matches what you use at your Google My Business account. Make sure it exactly matches the domain registration information with your domain registrar.


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