Today I thought I’d share an app. that helps me manage my to-do list(s), one that has made managing 30 to 50 tasks per day a lot easier! It is also helping me get away from paper-based to-do lists, something I’m really focused on achieving in 2016.

Wunderlist is a simple yet powerful cross-platform, auto-syncing, sharable to-do list manager. It works using a PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. You can “drag and drop” items to quickly prioritize tasks. You can set reminders and also share lists with others.

I’ve tried over a dozen to-do list managers and I think the simplicity of Wunderlist is what makes it work for me. What works for me might not work for you, but if you’re looking for a better to-do list manager, Wunderlist should be on your to-do list <grin> of apps. to take a look at.