Here’s an example of a rather straight-forward redesign for a landing page. Landing pages don’t always have to be sophisticated. Often, less is more. But they do have to create the “Oh Yes” moment – when the visitor who “lands” there says to themselves: “Oh Yes, this is what I’m looking for!” (BTW: your website should do the same thing!).

Let’s back up for a minute, some of you reading this might be saying: “What is a landing page?”

“Landing pages” are pages people land on after clicking on a particular link and in most cases an advertisement. In this example, the landing page is used with an advertisement at Google using the Google Adwords pay-per-click system.

People at Google who perform a search for “Talent agencies in Boston” will see the company’s advertisement among other competing advertisements. If they click on this company’s ad, they are redirected to this page.

Voila, a basic landing page for use with Google Adwords.

If you’re paying for advertising you certainly want results.

With Google Adwords you are paying for each “click” on your advertisement. If someone clicks on your ad but then does nothing, you’ve wasted money. The landing page make-over here is designed to turn more of the people who see the ad – and click on it – into inquiries which are high-quality leads.

This landing page redesign project is being done in collaboration with my design partner, Dan Harrington, a website designer on Cape Cod.