Joel Osteen’s Facebook numbers are impressive and show the power of social media.

When I talk to business people and ask them what they think about social media for business they generally fall into one of three camps:

  • Love it (embrace it)
  • Hate it (avoid it)
  • Don’t get it (don’t know what to do)

In many ways, what you *think* about social media really doesn’t matter.

The fact is social media is a powerful business marketing tool and when used properly it will help you get more online visibility for your business.

Want to increase traffic to your website by 10% to 25% – then get busy with social media.

More online visibility means more inquiries and sales for your company’s products and services.

Ignore social media because you hate it or don’t “get it” and your business will be at a competitive disadvantage relative to a competitor who IS using social media.

Will Facebook or other social media outlets create a tsunami of new sales for you?


Is it an online marketing tool that you can and should use to extend your overall online REACH and VISIBILITY?


In other words, without a doubt, social media is an important part of your overall Internet marketing strategy.

Here’s a great example of the power of Facebook (and social media).

It’s important to note that Joel Osteen has built an incredible PLATFORM across all types of media, not just the Internet. Obviously, most businesses will never get these type of numbers – but Joel Osteen’s platform building and Internet marketing strategy is solid as it gets! Love him or not, you can’t deny he has built an incredible marketing machine.

Posted Saturday night, November 1, 2014 at 8:00pm Eastern.

In THE FIRST MINUTE his Facebook post gets 1,114 likes, 33 comments, and 121 shares.

At 5 minutes 9,710 likes, 341 comments, and 1378 shares.

At 10 minutes 18,803 likes, 656 comments, and 2762 shares.

At 30 minutes 48,401 likes, 1669 comments, and 7,253 shares.

At 45 minutes 65,630 likes, 2209 comments, 10,091 shares.

At 60 minutes 78,845 likes, 2596 comments, 12,329 shares

joel-osteen-facebook-1-minute joel-osteen-facebook-5-minutes joel-osteen-facebook-10-minutes joel-osteen-facebook-30-minutes