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If you were to login to my email box here is what you would see most days;

“Chris, we’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on our new website and we aren’t getting any inquiries. Seriously, like NONE.”

“Chris, it’s nearly impossible to find our website at Google and we’ve been working on it for months. We’ve followed all the advice; it’s just not working.”

“We’ve spent hundreds of hours on social media and frankly, it has been a complete waste of time and very frustrating. We can’t get likes or followers. HELP. HELP. HELP. What are we doing wrong, Chris?”

“We just found out our website is down and probably infected with malware. Google has blacklisted the website and people visiting are getting a warning message that the site is unsafe.”

I hate to see these things happening and so I wrote what you are reading now, “100 Best Internet Marketing Practices.”

Read this book, take notes, and execute the Action Items and you will:

(1) Get better results from their Internet marketing.

(2) Stop wasting time and money.

(3) Have the tools, techniques, and action items to help you avoid or stop making mistakes that are hurting your sales and profitability.

On the following pages are 100 Internet Marketing Best Practices (Volume 1). None of them by themselves are a “magic bullet” or what I often refer to as “shiny objects.” While they are each important, combined they deliver a powerful Internet marketing strategy that will benefit your business and help you beat your competition.

Based on my experience, the Internet is an unforgiving place.

Make mistakes with your Internet marketing and you end up wasting valuable time, money, and sales to a competitor.

Remember, existing competitors and always lurking NEW competitors are online RIGHT NOW trying to reach the same people and “eyeballs” as you. Those who are using Internet Marketing Best Practices are winning the game!

Chris Jaeger
Practical Online Marketing



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