Internet Marketing News from Practical Online Marketing
November 2015

[Tools] Microsoft Word is now free on the iPhone or iPad. It’s not a full-blown version of Word, but the basics are included. Excel and Powerpoint are similarly being offered.

[Internet Marketing Tools] Did you know Google has a cool link shortener that also tracks clicks?

[Practical Online Marketing – FYI] Amazon Cloud Drive offers secure online storage, automatic photo backup, and lets you access your photos anywhere: on your phone, computer, tablet, or any Fire device.

[Facebook Marketing] Take a look at how Joel Osteen uses Facebook (social media) and the number of people he reaches and engages in only 60 minutes.

[Blogging] Not sure what to blog about? Here are some ideas to stimulate your thinking – 151 of them to be exact!

[Internet Marketing Tools] Monitor your website availability/downtime with this free host monitoring tool from Pingdom.

[Social Media Management] 44 of the best MOBILE tools to help you with your social media marketing strategies?

[Google Tools] Google has announced their latest email client/platform; Google Inbox.

[Internet Marketing Tools] Free scan for malware and security hacks. Has your website been compromised by hackers or malware? I’ve used this free tool and recommend investing in their paid service.


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