Are you using the https:// encrypted transportation protocol at your website?

https:// is the digital transportation protocol that moves data securely from your website hosting server to a visitor’s browser.

Encrypted data makes it more difficult for hackers to hijack and steal data that is moving across the Internet.

Why should you care?

Using the https:// protocol creates a safer and more secure interaction with your website.

Browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome will warn someone if they attempt to visit a website and it is not “secure” using the https:// protocol. Some security firewalls will outright BLOCK the connection to a “non-secure” website.

If a warning message is not enough, NOT using the https:// transportation protocol will adversely impact your rankings and overall visibility at Google.

In other words, it will be harder for someone to find your website at Google (never a good thing, right?).


(1) Confirm your website is using the https:// secured protocol.

(2) Test it by visiting your website to confirm there are no warning messages and you see the little “lock” in your browser address bar. Click around at your website and make sure each page shows a secured page “lock” and there are no warning messages.

(3) Run a free test at: