How important are domains names to your overall Internet marketing strategy?

The answer is VERY important and here are some of the reasons:

1. The right domain name will help you get more online visibility.

2. The right domain name can help you advertise and market your business online more effectively.

3. The right domain name makes it easier for people to remember your company name and your website or blog address.

4. The right domain name, with keywords in it that are more appropriate to the products and services you sell, will leave a larger impact on potential and existing customers.

5. The right domain name with the appropriate keywords in it can be used as part of your search engine optimization strategy to get top ranked at Google as well as other search engines.

6. It’s better to own and control certain domain names than to have someone else owning them, even if you don’t use it. Owning and controlling the right domain name is a smart, defensive way to proactively manage your online reputation or brand.

7. Professional services, doctors, lawyers, accountants, nutritionists, etc., focused on providing very personalized one-on-one services may find it a more effective way to promote their business.

8. The right domain name can give you competitive advantage in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace.

9. A separate and unique domain name can be use for blogging (good idea!).

10. The right domain name looks really cool on your company car and can help drive more traffic to your website!