Do Home Page Pop-up Boxes Work?
Pop-up boxes at websites, which I’m sure you’ve seen, drive me crazy! They probably aggravate you too. But guess what? They work and are very effective lead generators, or what I also like to call “conversation starters.”

You can use a pop-up box to offer a complimentary checklist, maybe try “Get Our Guide to Hiring a __________ for Your Wedding,” or anything of real value to the bride/groom visiting your website.

Pop-up boxes probably fall into the category of advanced Internet Marketing and require more than a basic understanding of online marketing and programming.

The tool I recommend is called Opt-in Monster. It’s a silly name but a powerful online marketing tool. It is the “Cadillac” of pop-up box marketing and management.

You can learn more about it at this link:

Have a great weekend!