Practical Online Marketing Help Desk (free/beta)

I am pleased to announce the official BETA launch of my Practical Online Marketing HELP DESK.

Through August 31st the Practical Online Marketing HELP DESK is free. You can ask any questions you may have about Internet marketing and get expert advice, opinion, “how to” guidance,” and it won’t cost you a dime!

Here’s how it works…

1) This is absolutely free – through August 31st. There is no cost or future obligation.

BUT… I am limiting it to 100 people so don’t wait if you’re interested in participating.

2) Request your invitation using the form below. I’ll send you instructions and details on how to access and use the Practical Online Marketing HELP DESK.

3) I’ll also send you information about upcoming free online workshops that also will be a part of this soft/beta launch.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. I’m working out the kinks in this new project and the Zen Help Desk application. In exchange for your participation, I get to figure out how to optimize my online HELP DESK as well as my online workshops.

In September I will officially launch PRACTICALONLINEMARKETING.COMĀ  and if you like what you’ve experienced in this beta test you might consider joining as an ongoing member. Details will be provided in mid-to-late August.

Recent Questions:

Q: Chris, we’re going to start blogging and would like your opinion on using WordPress vs. Blogger.

Q: Chris, we were top ranked at Google but lost most of our best rankings last month. We’re not sure what happened. Can you offer any advice?

Q: We spend a lot of time on Facebook but don’t really think it’s working that well. We can’t get followers and it doesn’t look like it’s generating much traffic to our website. Any ideas?

Q: We’re concerned about performance issues at our website and now our blog. We heard Google is now looking at page load times as part of it’s ranking algorithm. Is this true? What hosting companies do you recommend?

Sign-up and give it a try right now…