The Google Search Console is another one of my favorite Internet Marketing Power Tools and helps me optimize a website’s visibility, findability, and performance at Google.

It will help you measure your website’s search traffic, identify potentially problematic issues, help you fix those issues, and keep your website in the good shape at Google.

I call it “Google Love” and the more of it you have the better!

Using Google Search Console you’ll be able to identify what search queries are bringing visitors to your site. You can also analyze impressions, clicks to your website from Google, and rankings at Google Search. Use it to test and improve your website’s mobile usability. These days 50% or more of your traffic is probably coming from a mobile device (you can confirm this if you are using Google Analytics).

Google Search Console allows you to submit a sitemap or individual URLS for Google to crawl. It’s important that Google sees a sitemap for your website. Google can’t index and then rank what it can’t see. A sitemap makes sure Google sees everything you want it to.

Definition: Crawling: Crawling is an automated “bot” process that Google uses to find new as well as updated web pages on the internet. Once it finds them (if it finds them!) the pages are added to the Google index. Billions of pages on the internet are crawled by Google every day. A website might be crawled multiple times each day. Crawling and indexing is the first step in getting your website listed at Google and getting better search ranking. It is a very important factor in your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Google Search Console will also send you an email with alerts if Google identifies any issues at your website and which pages are affected by these issues. Once you have addressed these issues use the Google Search Console to tell Google you’ve fixed them.

If your website is ever infected with malware, and Google sees that, the Google Search Console is where you tell Google you’ve removed the malware from your site. A malware infected website is serious business and Google will promptly remove your website from its index or slap a big warning on any links to your website on its search engine results pages!

The Google Search Console is a free tool from the folks at Google and it will help you get, keep, and improve your overall visibility, findability, and rankings at the world’s most popular search engine!

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