Next on my list of Internet Marketing Power Tools is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics has come a long way and in my opinion is the #1 way to monitor, track, and analyze the traffic at your website. And it does a lot more!

Google Analytics is one of my three Internet Marketing Power Tools from Google, the other two being Google Search Console and Google My Business.

Google Analytics can be used to track website activity such as visitor sessions, visitor session duration, pages viewed per session, what those specific pages were (i.e. most popular pages), “bounce rate” of the individuals using the site, and information about the sources driving traffic to your website.

Definition: Google’s Bounce Rate is a measurement of how many people visited your website, looked at one page, and then left. This in most cases is NOT a good thing and a sign of trouble that requires deeper analysis and troubleshooting.

I’ve also long believed that the more Google knows about your website the better it is for your overall visibility at Google, another reason to be using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is also an important part of your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Again, the more Google knows about your website the better!

Google Analytics is free but requires a Google Account.

It’s fairly easy to set up. Login to Google Analytics with your Google account, follow the prompts, configure your website property, take a snippet of tracking code that they provide, and install that code on all of the pages at your website that you’d like to track.

If you have a WordPress website check out one of my favorite WordPress plugins, Monster Insights. It creates a Google Analytics dashboard within your WordPress dashboard – very cool! Monster Insights offers a basic free version as well as a premium paid version with more bells and whistles. The basic free version works great!

Power Tip: Configure Google Analytics to send you weekly or monthly traffic reports AUTOMATICALLY. I love this feature. I get my Overview Report weekly on Monday mornings. I am primarily interested in visitor sessions and bounce rate. If anything looks odd, for example,  if traffic drops off dramatically for any given week, I login into Google Analytics and drill down on the data for more information.

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