Getting Top Ranked at Google – It’s All About Content (mostly!)

As I’ve been talking about, Google ranks WORDS and the more words you give Google the more likely it will reward you with top rankings (if you use your targeted keywords/phrases).

A website with 40 pages will have a “Google advantage” over a website with 10 pages. Creating “rewardable” content is how you ultimately win the SEO game.

Once you’ve created all of your marketing pages, the next step is to create and focus on blogging. Google sees your blog posts and indexes that content in your favor. Frankly, getting and keeping a top ranking at Google today without blogging is a difficult task.

If you aren’t blogging… now you have a REALLY good reason to start. If you are blogging, be sure to integrate your targeted keyword/phrases into ALL of your blog posts.
Chris Jaeger
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