Getting Top Ranked at Google – Understanding Keyword Density

Google ranks WORDS, and the specific terminology is “keywords and keyword phrases.”

The question today is: How many times should I use, or repeat, my targeted keywords/phrases on each page at my website?

This is called “keyword density” and I try to use my targeted keyword/phrases six to eight times per 300 words on a page. The most important thing to keep in mind is to NOT OVER USE THEM – Google will see this and penalize your page (and overall website). The rule-of-thumb when writing page copy for search engine optimization is:

1) Write for REAL people first, Google ranking second.

2) Do not “stuff” keyword/phrases on a page just for ranking purposes. This will actually create a Google penalty.

3) Weave your targeted keyword/phrases into your page copy six to eight times per 300-500 words.

Keyword density can be tricky, but this is the number that has worked for me in the past and still does today.

Have a great week!
Chris Jaeger
Founder & Executive Director
International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals

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