Getting Top Ranked at Google – Where Do You Put Your Keywords/Phrases

Google ranks WORDS, and the specific terminology is “keywords and keyword phrases.”

The example Wednesday was for a Wedding Officiant in Houston, Texas.

wedding officiants in Houston Texas
wedding officiant in Houston Texas
wedding ministers in Houston Texas
wedding minister in Houston Texas

Where does Google look for your keywords/phrases? Primarily in three places.

It looks for, and needs to see, your keywords/phrases in your (1) page title meta-tag, (2) description meta-tag, and (3) in your page copy. Meta-tags are behind-the-scenes coding that you program into your pages. Page copy is… page copy, the words people see when reading your page.

To get top ranked at Google you have to give Google what it wants, and it MUST see your keywords/phrases in these three places.

If you’re not familiar with meta-tags speak with your webmaster or take a look at this page.

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