Keywords / Keyword Phrases

Google ranks WORDS. Yes, there are a lot of other “ranking” factors that go into getting top ranked at Google, but the fundamental building block of an effective SEO / ranking campaign is built using WORDS.

If the words, or more specifically KEYWORD PHRASES, that people use when searching at Google are not visible at your website, on multiple pages throughout your website, it’s very UNLIKELY you’ll show up top ranked at Google when someone searches for those keywords/phrases.

If you are a wedding officiant in Houston Texas four of your most important SEO keywords / phrases would most likely be:

wedding officiants in Houston Texas
wedding officiant in Houston Texas
wedding ministers in Houston Texas
wedding minister in Houston Texas

Write down the four keyword phrase searches that if a bride/groom used at Google you’d like your website to show up listed as one of the first 5 results.

Next, go to your website.

How many times do these four keyword phrases appear on your home page, and then on the other pages at your website?