Getting Better Results from Facebook – Tip #1
A lot of people I talk with are not happy with the results they are getting from Facebook. When I take a look at their Facebook business page I’m not surprisedĀ  based on what I see them doing. Over the next few issues of theBook More Weddings Tip of the Day I’ll share some of my best Facebook tips and tricks.
Post Consistently
One of the best ways to increase your Facebook engagement (likes, comments, and shares) is to post consistently. Do you have to post every day? I do recommend it, but you don’t have to. You should post to Facebook three or four times a week, at a minimum.
When people see your Facebook page is “active” it leaves a good impression on your company. You’re also more likely to get someone to “like” your page and become one of your followers.
A great tool to help you manage your Facebook page is Hootsuite. You can also manage your Twitter and Instagram feeds with Hootsuite. Check it out at