Having worked on hundreds of websites over the last 25+ years I can tell you WITH CERTAINTY that the #1 way to get more inquiries from your website is to make it easier for the qualified visitors who are visiting to FIND and GET to your inquiry form.

Sounds obvious, right?

You’d think.

But most websites I visit don’t OPTIMIZE THE VISITOR EXPERIENCE in a way that supports getting more website inquiries (or phone calls).

You can do this in a number of ways, all of which are fairly simple to implement.

#1 on my list is: Make it TOO EASY to get to your inquiry form and OPTIMIZE THE CALL-TO-ACTIONS throughout your website.

Obviously, a  link to your inquiry form must be an option in your main navigation but you also want to use a call-to-action at the bottom of all of the pages on your website.

A company recently reached out to me for a no-cost, no-obligation DISCOVERY SESSION because their website wasn’t working as well as they had hoped. They are in a pretty competitive category and marketplace.

My first suggestion was that they improve the call-to-actions throughout their website.

More inquiries started coming in immediately with just this one simple adjustment to their website.

TWO RECOMMENDATIONS: (1) Review your website and make sure it’s too easy to find and use your online inquiry form. (2) Make sure there is a well-optimized call-to-action at the bottom of all of your pages and blog posts (like on this page!).

NEXT WEEK: Someone found your website, found your inquiry form after reading a sales page with an optimized call-to-action at the bottom. They made an online inquiry. What happens next will tip the scales in your favor and help turn that inquiry into a sale!

BELOW: Here are four examples of well-placed calls to action. The first is on the home page of the website. The second is on a sales page for the company’s #1 product (bluefin tuna fishing charters). This website (design) is largely responsible for generating over $300,000.00 annually in sales. The third example (Riverside Senior Living) uses three calls-to-action; one at the top of the page a/k/a an “announcement bar,” one at the bottom of the page content, a nice BIG BUTTON, and even a third at the bottom right – a real-time online chat option. The fourth example (5th Avenue Events & Entertainment) shows a text call-to-action along with a big, big button – impossible to miss, and that is exactly the idea.

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